Angela Cat Clean Teeth

Angela Cat Clean Teeth
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As we all know,cleanliness makes for good health. so animals also need value cleanliness. They should wash hands, face and brush teeth everyday. Girls,can you help pets wash them?I have a white cat,and can you help it with me?I am very grateful to you. Come on! First,wash its hands. My cat is very naughty,it often play in the garden. So its hands is very dirty. So I prepared hand washing liquid and hand cream for it. Help her wash hands with them. Second,brush its teeth. My cat likes candies and it often bite something hard or dirty. So we should brush its teeth thoroughly then repair the sick teeth. It has three bad teeth,if you are busy,you can skip this step and I will help her later. Last,washing its face with facial cleanser,then apply face cream. Ok,thanks for your helping. My cat is very happy,and it can go outside and play with other animals now.

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