Lorna McNessie Dressup

Lorna McNessie Dressup
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Lorna McNessie is an exchange student, visiting Monster High from Loch Ness in Rotland (Scotland). She is the daughter of the Loch Ness Monster. Lorna is a fun loving, mischievous ghoul who loves to play little jokes in order to make people laugh and add a bit of fun to her day. Her favourite activity is photobombing whenever someone takes a photograph, and over the years she's become an expert in appearing in photographs in the most unexpected manner possible. This isn't quite appreciated by her parents, who would prefer to stay hidden from the prying eyes of humans. Lorna is good friends with Marisol Coxi, Howleen Wolf and Twyla after chatting with them via video chat before her trip to Monster High, as well as Gillington 'Gill' Webber, who has been the most welcoming figure for Lorna during her stay at Monster High.

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