Frozen Elsa washing clothes for Anna

Frozen Elsa washing clothes for Anna
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Girls ,do you know Elsa is very helpful at home and she always taking care of her sister Anna ? So Anna never need do housework and she can't do it .But after Anna married ,she wants to learn how to do housework now .So Elsa decided to help Anna .Today ,Elsa bought a new washing machine for Anna ,and she wants to help Anna wash clothes today . Look ,Elsa and Anna have moved the machine in the washroom .Let’s play the games and help Elsa together.In fact ,it's a automatic washing machines ,so using it is very easy .You only need to put the clothes and laundry detergent into it and turn the switch .The most important is ironing the clothes and help Anna dress up .It's so easy for you .Anna wants to thanks for her sister ,so she prepared some beautiful clothes for Elsa .Can you help Elsa choose the beautiful suit ? Girls ,Come on !

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