Barbie School Uniform Design

Barbie School Uniform Design
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Barbie is super excited today: she has been invited to a special school of fashion design! She took part in a cross-school design contest and her results were so brilliant that the director of the State High School Of Creative Design sent her an invitation to become the student of his school. Barbie is so happy, she’s been dreaming of studying at that school for years! It will be a big step towards her dream of becoming a fashion designer. However, Barbie is a bit sad to leave her current school and classmates. I guess you would like to do something to cheer her up, wouldn’t you? Well here is the best way to do it: Barbie needs a school uniform for her new school, and as it is a design school, the uniform should be super stylish and cool. Will you design a school uniform for Barbie? Choose the four garments and pick a trendy color and pattern for each. After the uniform is ready, accessorize it with some chic knee-socks or tights, statement jewelry, pretty heels and nice school bag. Barbie will be very happy!

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