Barbie's Wedding Party

Barbie's Wedding Party
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This magic day has finally arrived: Barbie is getting married! Tomorrow the most famous doll of all times is going to say her wedding vows to the man she loves - Ken. And they will live happily ever after! Barbie still can’t believe it’s really happening: the most important moment of her life is just around the corner, and tomorrow she will become Ken’s wife! But it’s not only Barbie - the whole Roberts family is super excited, especially Barbie’s sisters, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea. The girls have all good reasons for excitement: they are going to be Barbie’s bridesmaids! It means that all three of them should find themselves outfits that will match with Barbie’s wedding gown and with each other and, of course, be super elegant and stylish – or else they wouldn’t be Roberts sisters! Not an easy task, is it? But the girls are not worried at all, because they know perfectly well that if a stylist like you is helping them, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Start with the most important part: choose the perfect, the one and only wedding gown for Barbie that will make her radiant beauty shine even brighter. Accessorize the gown with some jewelry, a veil of suitable length or add some other remarkable detail - a pair of lacy gloves, perhaps? After our charming bride is fully dressed, take care of her three sisters and pick dresses and accessories for them. Don’t forget that they should match!

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