Wedding Lily

Wedding Lily
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Lily's back in this beautiful dress up game series by KibaGames, and this time she's getting married! I'm so impressed with these games. Every release just gets better and better! All the classic features you love are back: custom eyeshadow and lipstick application, chic and varied hairstyle and color options, and a plethora of facial features. You get lots of control over the girl's wedding fashion, being able to mix and match corsets and skirts, and choosing their color AND pattern! Not only are classic western styles included, but you can even mix in South Asian (Indian) sari's and Chinese quipao (cheongsam)! Accessorize your bride with a sash, floral bouquet, beautiful jewelry, fur or lace. I'm going to venture out and say that as of the year 2014, this is the most elaborate wedding dress up game created.

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